Have you been contemplating investing in a kitchen renovation but want to work with only the very best experts in Kitchen installers in Pretoria? Have a look at the 10 best kitchen design pros in the area!

#1 Cupboard Value

Cupboard Value has decades of experience in the kitchen design industry. They use innovative technology and have their own manufacturing plant where they create your custom kitchen cupboards. The best choice for anyone who is wanting a practical and stylish kitchen!

Kitchen Designs Pretoria

#2 ProReno Kitchens

ProReno Kitchens are known as some of the best kitchen remodel experts in the country and are known to work wonders with small spaces.

#3 EasyLife Kitchens

EasyLife Kitchens have factories in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. They are known for making use of cutting-edge technology to produce memorable and innovative kitchen designs.

#4 Ergo Kitchen Designers

Ergo has been in the industry for a good several years and have fast become a popular choice thanks to their top quality finishes.

#5 Cabinet Guru

Cabinet Guru is a small business that specialises in kitchen cabinets. They work on both large scale and small-scale projects and have quickly become a trustworthy name in the industry.

#6 Plexi Kitchens

Plexi Kitchens is known for staying on top of design trends and building kitchens with style and flair. They offer a comprehensive service that focuses on kitchens that have been intelligently designed.

#7 HIRA Projects

HIRA Projects offers a wide range of home improvement services, and their workmanship and quality is truly impressive! They have become increasingly popular over recent years.

#8 Red Cedar Kitchens

Red Cedar Kitchens’ Pretoria branch has done very well for itself in the past few years and has definitely become a reliable and trustworthy brand in Pretoria.

#9 PLR Designs

PLR Designs offer both bedroom and kitchen design and installation. They have been in the industry since 2001, which gives them some valuable experience under their belt.

#10 Smarten Renovate

Smarten Renovate have won multiple awards for their renovation and home improvement efforts in Gauteng. They are known as one of the most reliable kitchen design pros in Pretoria, and their reviews speak for themselves.

Interested in professional kitchen design services in Pretoria? Get in touch with the team at Cupboard Value today on 012 327 2666! We’d love to be a part of your kitchen transformation!