Once you decide to transform your kitchen through a remodeling project, it’s likely that a lot of thoughts will come flooding in. You’ll have to consider the layout, appliances, furniture, and storage needs of the space. Modern storage design has opened many of us up to an endless selection of creative designs and trends. Depending on the type of person you are, some may resonate with you, and others not so much. As long as you know what you want from storage units, making the decision shouldn’t be too hard. In this blog, we look at why uniqueness matters when it comes to choosing kitchen cupboards in Durban, and we share some exceptional options as well.

Why Should You Go The Custom Route?

There are many advantages that come with custom designing your kitchen cupboards in Durban. Chief among them are the following three:

Unique Cupboard Idea #1 – Transform A Small Room Into A Walk-In Pantry

If you have some spare space – perhaps a linen room that you don’t use or an under utilised storage room – you can turn it (or at least a portion of it) into a walk-in pantry. Kitchen storage can go beyond cupboards as we know them. You can have creative shelving incorporated into the pantry space.

Unique Cupboard Idea #2 – Install Open Shelves In The Space Above Windows

Put that space above your windows to good use by building in open shelves. These can be used for both storage and display, which adds to the overall charm of the room.

Unique Cupboard Idea #3 – Build In Retrievable Storage For Your Appliances

If you’d like to go for a cleaner look, you can also install storage units for smaller appliances. This way, you only have them out when they’re in use. Your kitchen will always look like a super clean showroom, while functioning the way you need it to.

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It

It’s one thing to have all these great ideas, but you also have to have a team that can pull them off on board. At cupboard value, we pride ourselves in being able to take on any design challenge and make it come to life so that our customers are happy with the final result.  Looking for one-of-a-kind kitchen cupboards in Durban? Contact us to get started.

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