The kitchen is the heart of the home. Nourishment, in all its forms, is created in this one room. Maintaining a level of synergy in kitchen’s decor and design over the years can be tricky, though. If you’ve attached sentimental value to the colour of the walls or those sturdy cupboards, here are some refreshing ideas to help you stay trendy.


Spice up your white kitchen

The appeal of an all-white kitchen is the neutral, clean feel of the colour. However, white is a “tattle-tale” colour because discolouration is so much easier to see on white than it is on other shades. There are various ways to spice the space up if it starts looking dated. Perhaps accessorise with black decor touches and kitchen tools to create a modern monochromatic look. It will add a chic character to your kitchen without an overwhelming amount of change. Another option is to install colourful built-in cupboards. Quite the plunge, but this option gives any kitchen a warm personality.


Keep the lighting natural

A big window or skylight will allow some warmth in and light up the room with energising natural light. Either or both of these options, coupled with naturally toned walls, will make your kitchen look and feel more spacious. Install blinds to control the amount of light that enters the room and to give you privacy when you need it.


Marry the old with the new

If you really can’t imagine your kitchen without its original wooden fixtures, that’s okay. You can, for example, use modern storage features inside your cupboards while keeping the old doors. Match modern functional additions with the classic look and feel you enjoy. A mix of textures can be visually exciting as long as you don’t overdo it. Stick to three textures at the most – ideally two.


The smarter, the better

Bring technology into your kitchen. A smart fridge, stove or dishwasher saves time and effort so that you can get more done. Look for high-tech items that will blend in well with the appliances you already own.


Open access

Because a kitchen is a workroom, having people move in and out constantly can be hazardous (and annoying). Getting rid of a partition, in favour of an open plan space gives access to the kitchen while creating a safe distance. You can participate in family games or watch TV with the family while preparing a meal. This is the home space version of “the best of both worlds”.

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