Bathroom cabinets are a necessary and practical feature in any bathroom. They are ideal for keeping extra towels and toiletries handy, while still storing them neatly out of sight.

But over time, through wear and tear as well as humidity, your bathroom cabinets may start looking a little shabby and even become broken in certain places.

You’ll be amazed at how investing in new bathroom cabinets in Durban can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. So, let’s have a look at some of the signs that indicate that it may be time for you to invest in new bathroom cabinets!

Visible Defects

Keep an eye out for visible defects such as mould, mildew, cracks, holes, peeling paint, and more. Defects and obvious wear and tear are usually sure indicators that it’s time to invest in new bathroom cabinets.


If the cabinet doors do not open, or perhaps the shelves are missing, your bathroom cabinets are no longer functioning as they should be. While this could perhaps be fixed with a repair job, it may be better to look at replacing the entire cabinet.

Your Storage Needs Are Not Met

As your family grows, your needs may begin to change. Are your current bathroom cabinets not offering you enough storage space? It may be time for an upgrade.

The Cabinets Do Not Match with the Rest of the Bathroom

Perhaps you upgraded other parts of your bathroom a while ago, and now your cabinets look a little outdated in comparison. You want your bathroom to have a cohesive feel and design, and for this you may need new and improved cabinets!

Selling Your Home

Whenever you plan on selling your home, you may want to do a few upgrades to impress potential buyers. Replacing your bathroom cabinets is a quick and easy upgrade that will instantly add more appeal to your bathroom!

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