Kitchen units have evolved from what your grandmother used to have and what you grew up with in your mother’s house. Past South African kitchens focused on the elements that were important to them at the time, such as storage space, easy access, and other practicalities. However, times have changed and so have Pretoria kitchen unit designs. With the help of Cupboard Value, you can find amazing kitchen units in Pretoria at affordable prices that look as good as they perform. Here are a few design ideas worth implementing.


Experiment with colour by choosing dark cabinets and offsetting it with white counter-tops and walls. This colour can match your microwave, stove, fridge, and dishwasher seamlessly and the contrast between black and white will give your kitchen a moodier yet sleek feel.

Farmhouse Design

A modern idea with a traditional twist is a farmhouse kitchen: picture light brown wooden floors, a handcrafted wooden kitchen table in the center accompanied by floating shelves to give the kitchen a spacious feel. Hooks can be installed to hang pots and pans as well as kitchen towels. The brown colour of the cabinets can be balanced with dark-coloured walls.

Open Shelving

Open shelves are great, but one must have something worth displaying. This design is better for small kitchens than installing cabinets because it creates the perception of space and you can find all your plates, bowls, cups and glasses and utensils with ease. Less is more here.

Multiple Sinks

Have your kitchen units integrate multiple bowl sinks at different areas of the kitchen. This design works well with homes that have a dishwasher where dishes are rarely washed by hand. With multiple sinks, one can be used for food preparation while the other can be used to soak dishes.

Storage design

The sufficient space is vital in a kitchen, and you want all your appliances to fit easily into the space provided. Modern cabinet designs take this into account, also including pull-out spice drawers, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils as well as cleaning supply nooks.

Make sure you’re happy with your final choices and that it fulfills all your needs while looking like what you’ve dreamed of by choosing the best kitchen units for your Pretoria home.


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