It’s the festive season, so you’re probably about to spend much time in different kitchens. From friends and relatives to vacation rentals, there’s a wealth of ideas to borrow from (and steer clear of) all around. There’s no better time than the fresh, summer season to consider bringing in some creative changes to your home. Work pressure is easing up, and you may have a few more willing idea contributors than usual. Whether or not you’ve decided on a design for your new built-in cupboards in Durban, we’ve got some unique suggestions that you may want to consider.

Built-In Idea #1 – Cupboard Doors, But not Really Cupboards

Sometimes, your fridge or dishwasher doesn’t quite fit in well with the rest of the fittings and furniture. Large appliances like these are expensive, so buying new ones isn’t a viable option. What you can do is fit in cupboard doors that match the rest of the kitchen to conceal the appliances. This makes for a seamless aesthetic.

Built-In Idea #2 – Golden or Bronze Grates That Serve as Decor & Display at Once

If a kitchen display is your thing, but you’re not into glass, metal grates may be the solution for you. They look great and give you a subtle peek into the contents of your cupboards.

Built-In Idea #3 – Painting the Cupboards to Enhance the Decor & Furniture

Signature decor or furniture brings out the character in a room. You can take it to the next level by selecting a paint hue that goes well with these features to bring them out more. Dulux gives a few helpful tips on how to paint kitchen cupboards.

Built-In Idea #4 – Storage Racks With No Doors

Another popular concept is that of making your home kitchen resemble an industrial one. Enough cupboard space, but without doors. This is ideal if you’re well organised and don’t mind regular dishwashing to keep dust particles away.

Built-In Idea #5 – Metal is Not Just a Musical Genre

This idea is the inverse of covering up your large appliances with doors. If you have a modern fridge with a metal finish, you can install metal cupboard doors to match. It creates a futuristic look and only you will know what’s behind each door.

It’s not about fitting in or competing with the next home – it’s about finding the best possible fit for your home and the needs of those who inhabit it. If you like any of these ideas or have some of your own, we’re here to turn built-in cupboards in Durban into reality. Contact Cupboard Value today.


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