Think of your kitchen for a moment and consider what a difference a makeover would do to the value of your home. Kitchen makeovers can cost thousands of Rands, but there are clever ways you can update your kitchen without breaking the bank.


Why update your kitchen?


It will increase the value of your home. A kitchen is a place that sees a lot of traffic and prospective buyers will want to see a kitchen they can see themselves using. A neat and pretty kitchen will catch the eye of the buyer. However, even if you’re not selling, having a cosy kitchen that has all the amenities you require will make your life so much easier.


Where to begin?

Start with the basics. A fresh coat of paint won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Paint will revitalise your kitchen walls ceiling, giving it a new look. Once you’ve given it a good colour, ensure that you use the correct paint that can endure moisture. That done, you should move on to other aspects of your kitchen that are glaring at you, begging to be remodelled. This may include small things such as the towel hangers that need to be neatly reapplied.


What comes next?

Refitting cabinets can be an expensive endeavour, not to mention a time-consuming one. However, there is a more affordable way to go about this obstacle. For example, if your cabinets are wooden, you can easily apply a coat of enamel – or if it’s in bad shape, you can sandpaper it down and then apply a fresh coat of enamel or a new paint colour. You can even replace a section of your cupboard space with glass, which will give your kitchen a new look in a very affordable and easy way.

Above all, give your kitchen a good clean. Scrub the oven inside and out, and make sure everything is looking at its est. Cleaning your kitchen properly and meticulously is the most inexpensive way to make sure that your kitchen stands out.

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