If you have been saving up for a kitchen remodel, you understand the importance of a good quality installation. And there should be no reason that you compromise the style and design of your built-ins, it is just as important as the functionality. Cupboards are not just storage spaces and can liven up any space by bringing together all the elements into one cohesive look. This is a useful guide of the latest cupboard trends which your cupboard manufacturer should be able to provide you with for your built-in cupboards in KZN.

1) Bold Colours

Although white and neutral colours tend to be a favourite with clients, bold colours can make a unique and creative impact. Jewelled tones, deep blues, and emerald greens are beautiful stand-out colours. If it sounds too risky for your tastes, keep the cupboards and drawers along the room’s walls a subdued tone and use your kitchen island to experiment with colour. The benefit of having custom-made cupboards is that the design can be altered to suit any request including the use of colour.

2) Open Shelving

As design becomes simpler, a big trend making its way to South African shores is the use of open shelving in your kitchen. It does not necessarily have to replace every cupboard. But the simple addition can add a modern touch, allowing you to display unique crockery, design pieces or plants. It gives a kitchen character, personality and adds a sense of lightness to the room.

3) Cabinet Lighting

Often lighting in kitchens stops at fancy overhead hanging pendants or the usual basic ceiling lights. But a creative way to add brightness to your kitchen is by adding light under your cupboards. This can make for a good DIY task on your newly installed remodel or even a fun family project. Strips of LED lighting can be stuck under cupboards to heighten the atmosphere in a room and is useful for poorly lit kitchens.

Your kitchen cupboards should reflect your style and are a personal choice. They are an appealing addition to any home and can freshen up a mundane looking kitchen. Cupboard Value specialises in built-in cupboards in KZN and has experience in delivering truly one-of-a-kind cupboards. We are always on top of the latest cupboard trends. Contact us today for professional, design-friendly and expert service.

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