Built-in cupboards for bedrooms don’t have to be those boring, outdated plain-Jane cupboards. Your bedroom, after all, is your personal space, your retreat after a long day. And with so much effort put into the design and theme of your bedroom, why leave your built-in cupboards without that splash of designer inspiration.

built in cupboards for bedrooms

Built-In Cupboards For Bedrooms Create Function

Built-in Cupboards for bedrooms aren’t there to waste space. Sure, they keep your clothes all neat and hung up, but there is more to built-in cupboards than shelves and hangers. Are your built-in cupboards the right space? How often do you use them? What other function do your built-in cupboards perform? What else does do you want it to contain? How do your built-in cupboards improve your bedroom space’s functionality?

Built-in cupboards for bedrooms come in a variety of depths, widths, and heights. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, we recommend you get a corner built-in cupboard unit that is custom-made for your space. The built-in cupboard for bedrooms needs to be proportionate to the rest of the room but they can still be built to fulfill many functions.

Built-In Cupboards For Bedrooms Add To The Style And Aesthetics

What colour is your built-in cupboards? What style are they? Built-in cupboards can be custom-made to suit your rustic, classic or modern style. When using built-in cupboards to add to your bedroom’s aesthetics, you need to consider the materials, textures and colours. Make sure they match your floors, walls, bedside tables, and complement them. If you have a contemporary room, we recommend high gloss, white or black built-in cupboards with mirrored finishes. Monochrome tones with tints of grey would work well here too. Wooden built-in cupboards would suit a rustic room while a colourful built-in cupboard unit would suit a bedroom with pizzazz.

Built-In Cupboards Can Be Bespoke

Bespoke built-in cupboards are a popular choice among homeowners who are looking to breathe new life into their bedrooms, unique style. If going bespoke, we recommend you go minimalistic and handle-free if you’re looking for your built-in cupboards to blend seamlessly into your minimal bedroom. For those who enjoy luxury, opt for built-in cupboards which have brass or crystal handles, ornate designs, and gold trimmings. For homeowners who like a more industrial style, glass fitted built-in cupboards with metal finishings are a perfect choice. Check out some stylish build-in cupboards for bedrooms ideas here.

Consider Colour While Customising Your Built-In Cupboards

Follow the hottest trends and opt for built-in cupboards that boast a deep/forest green colour and combine with dark wood bedroom furniture. Alternatively, a mustard yellow built-in cupboard unit with various creams and neutral tints is an excellent option. Deep blue and teal built-in cupboards for bedrooms combined with white and grey tints and big furniture is a trendy option as well.

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built in cupboards for bedrooms


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