Many people have fond memories of their childhood kitchen, and not just to do with eating. Spending time in the kitchen is something many of us associate with spending quality time with our parents or grandparents, helping or observing them prepare meals or doing homework and arts and crafts.

If you feel like your current kitchen isn’t as family friendly as it could be, don’t despair. Built in cupboards from Durban’s Cupboard Value is the first step towards creating an inviting space for all.


The first step you can take towards making a more family-friendly kitchen is to pick out a section of the space that isn’t in your way when you’re cooking and make this a homework or breakfast nook. You can add comfortable bar stools or chairs here for seating. If you don’t have any existing counter space, you could also consider adding a small round table in a corner. Adding a shelf along a wall is another great option, and you can place full height cupboards above these to make the best use of your vertical space.


Contrary to popular opinion, a cluttered space isn’t necessarily cosier than an uncluttered one. Remember that anyone entering or exiting your kitchen needs to be able to do so freely and without bumping into anything. While many of us focus on countertop clutter, floor clutter takes up just as much space and can also be remedied by placing items in storage. It will also provide much-needed legroom for seated areas.


To increase the perception of height in your kitchen and provide more storage space, overhead cupboards that extend to the ceiling are a good option, provided you can reach them. Once you have done so, it would help to improve your lighting. Banish harsh fluorescent strip lights for down lamps strategically placed around the room. This will ensure natural sunlight has a chance to illuminate the room and that existing light is ‘bounced’ off the floor to brighten it from top to bottom.

As you can see, you can’t create a cosy kitchen if it hasn’t been designed well. Quality built in cupboards will help reduce clutter and make an area seem more spacious and inviting.

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