Did you know that the bathroom is the most commonly renovated room in the home? This is because the bathroom receives a significant amount of heat and moisture, resulting in certain features needing to be replaced. Bathroom trends also seem to come and go very frequently.

As experts in bathroom upgrades and bathroom cabinets in Pretoria, we give you a few tips on what not to do when it comes to your next bathroom renovation.

bathroom renovation

Changing the Location of Main Features

While you may be desperate for a major change in your bathroom, if you decide to change the location of the bath, sink or toilet, you may end up spending a lot more than you bargained for! It is also likely that your current configuration is most convenient, and you may not end up liking the new placements. Only look at moving locations of major features if it is completely necessary.

Skimping on Ventilation

As we’ve already mentioned, the bathroom is a room that can get very humid, and this can cause damage to features in the room over time. It also means that the bathroom can get quite stuffy. If you’re investing in a bathroom renovation, this is a great time to ensure you have good ventilation in place.

Being Scared of Colour

Many people feel as though the bathroom should be all natural tones, but the bathroom actually provides a great opportunity for you to experiment with colour! Don’t be afraid to incorporate colours where you can.

Not Thinking About Storage

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to prioritise bathroom aesthetics over practicality, and storage solutions are not given enough thought. As experts in bathroom cabinets in Pretoria, we have seen this happen time and time again. It is very important that you have sufficient storage for your extra toiletries, towels etc. Bathroom cabinets can also add to the design of your bathroom.

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