Your kitchen is your haven. It is where you cook, eat and spend a lot of time with your family. You should have all the utensils and appliances necessary to be able to cook or bake at any time, especially if you like to entertain guests. Here’s a basic list of the kitchen items you cannot do without.


10 essential kitchen items you cannot do without:


  1. Kitchen knife

This item will come in handy for cutting chicken, beef, onions and other vegetables. It is a must-have. Make sure you buy one that is durable and be sure to keep it safely stored.


  1. Good frying pan

Spend a little on a thick-based frying pan. It comes in handy for dishes from frying steaks to scrambling eggs. It’s a staple and without it, you’ll be lost.


  1. Saucepans

We recommend three saucepans with glass lids. Small, medium and large. Buying good quality ones means they will last for longer and you won’t end up with burnt food.


  1. Baking tray

You never know when that moment comes and you just want to bake some cookies. A baking tray can serve a dual purpose: it can bake the cookies and can also hold dishes such as oven-baked fish and chicken.


  1. Kitchen scissors

If you need to cut through bone such as chicken or if you need to cut a plastic or cardboard box, a pair of kitchen scissors is the handiest item to have in your drawer.


  1. Pyrex dish

Pyrex dishes come in all sizes. We recommend buying a medium-sized one so that you can use it for various purposes such as baking potatoes or making lasagne.


  1. Wood or glass board

When you want to cut up your vegetables or your chicken you should have a board available. It’s convenient and will also keep your kitchen cleaner. It also serves as a “collection plate” if you want to grate carrots or onions.


  1. Blender

This may be an expensive item, but it serves so many purposes in the kitchen that it would be crazy not to buy one. You can make milkshakes, protein shakes, dice onions in seconds, blend ingredients for baking…and so, so much more.


  1. Big spoon

Every kitchen needs a “big spoon”. When making sauces for pastas or for serving macaroni, a big steel or wooden spoon is a necessary item to have handy – even for baking.


  1. Salad bowl

A big salad bowl is not only great to have when serving salads to guests or your family, but it is needed also for other things such as to mix ingredients for baking or to pour sauces in for pastas or rice.

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