We’ve all heard from the South African Cabinet Ministers throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. Having had their say, we thought it beneficial for locals to now hear from another who has experience with a cabinet(s) – cupboard and cabinet manufacturers, Cupboard Value. We’re opening the door for the COVID-19 conversation and invite you to sit at our virtual kitchen table. Here you will hopefully be left with insight to chew on and informative tips to adopt into your life and home! So, what’s cooking in Cupboard Value’s mental kitchen?

Once Upon A COVID-19 Time

Once upon a time, a serious virus spread across the world and affected every Tom, Dick and cupboard manufacturer and kitchen renovation company across the globe. The world was shaken up, with every country feeling the effects of a virus as well as a little country down south – South Africa. Every individual and business would set out on a daunting journey facing health and safety obstacles as well as lockdown hardships.

While a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending is still not in sight, every South African and local business would win small victories and adapt lessons learnt and new strengths into their personal lives and businesses. Once upon a more recent time, Cupboard Value incorporated small victories into a bigger business vision.

The Moral Of The Not-So-Fairy Tale

Already members of Kitchen Specialist Association South Africa, Cupboard Value was no stranger to upholding immaculate standards of high quality. This familiarity with high standards allowed Cupboard Value to embrace new health and safety standards set out by the World Health Organisation. We aim to incorporate these standards and new awareness of health into our business and products.

Cupboard Value fully supports the steps taken to curb the transmission of the virus in present-day and long-after COVID-19. For us, the World Health Organisation’s health and safety measures have made us hyperaware of health risks. We are now driven to ensure that our products and kitchen renovations create a more hygienic environment for families for the present and future. We also want to make sure that our cupboards are used for storage and not as a germ playground.

How COVID-19 Affected Our Business

While many businesses could tell a nightmare story of how COVID-19 has affected them, with our business experiencing many hardships too, we’re determined to make this nightmare into a fairy tale. Happy endings will be seen for businesses if they adapt and incorporate new insights gained from this pandemic into new offerings and business improvements. We’re adapting and are seeing our company align more with health and safety. We’re on a mission to make homes, cupboards and kitchens a safer, cleaner place.

Before COVID-19, our kitchens were deemed dream kitchens as they boasted the best countertops, the most stylish cupboards and the latest appliances and fixtures. Now, most dream kitchens are considered nightmares if closely looking at their hygiene standards. Now, a dream kitchen is considered a dream kitchen if it’s germ-free, tidy and spotlessly clean.

Due to COVID-19, kitchens are busier places as families enjoy home cooking. This is thanks to lockdown prohibiting people from eating out. Families are also focusing more on health and safety. This means Cupboard Value had to step up the plate. Therefore, we are set to bring improved products and cupboards to help families keep their spaces clean. Soon families will be able to purchase new kitchen and cupboard products that keep germs out. You will be able to enjoy a renovated kitchen which works as impenetrable barriers for all germs and viruses. All installed by us.

How COVID-19 Affected Our Business, And How Our Business Affects You

To ensure we all live happily ever after in this COVID-19 story, Cupboard Value motivates every homeowner to seek a kitchen renovation or cupboard revamp that is fit for health and safety. We look forward to a time when regulations are lifted completely and we’re fully operational. Here we’ll be able to help you fight the war against germs to seek solutions to all your kitchen needs. And that time is soon, so start planning new dream germ-free kitchens now to ensure your kitchen isn’t a nightmare to tidy.

Start planning with ease-of-cleaning in mind and consider these helpful tips:

Once Upon A Future

We look forward to once upon a future, when COVID-19 no longer affects South Africa, its people and businesses. When we can meet with you to discuss your cupboard and kitchen renovation needs. But, don’t wait for once upon a time in the near future and rather contact us at Cupboard Value today to book an appointment!

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