The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where a family has breakfast together, does laundry and prepares food. It can even be the place where you have friends over to gossip over cups of coffee. If you don’t use your kitchen as much as you could, it’s probably because you aren’t happy with it. It might have horrendous floors, unattractive kitchen units or insufficient storage space. Thankfully for more homeowners in Pretoria, a kitchen renovation is more affordable and easier to execute than you think. Here’s how to start planning for one.

Step One – Think About Use

The first step in a kitchen renovation is to think about what’s important to you when using it and how you can make it more functional. For example, can you easily reach your spices and stirring spoons while cooking on the stove? Is your dishwasher conveniently located, making packing dishes away easy? Do have enough space to store pots and pans or do some sit on your stove as you have nowhere to store them? A functional kitchen will include kitchen units that act as a center-piece of the room and make everything easy to store and access.

Step Two – Plan Before You Pay

Once you understand what you want, you can finalize your budget and then find a reputable kitchen renovation specialist in Pretoria for assistance, such as Cupboard Value. It’s essential that your prospective designer give you a clear plan of what they’re going to create – preferably in 3D and in colour. Quality designs will pay attention to real life dimensions and details. For example, they’ll leave enough space for walking without bumping into anything, and if your desired plans don’t allow for this, they’ll recommend you choose a kitchen island instead of a central kitchen table for more space. A quality plan will also ensure that once you’ve fitted your appliances that your cabinet’s doors have room to swing without banging into anything.

A kitchen renovation isn’t easy – but only if you insist on doing it all by yourself. Working with an expert in kitchen renovations in Pretoria can make the process fun – cutting down on money and time wasted.

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