When renovating or building your KZN home, you need to be clear of how much space you’ll need to be comfortable – especially in your kitchen. A kitchen gets the most foot traffic and is one of the busiest areas in the home. It’s used to cook, eat, entertain and even work – so it can’t be too cramped. When planning for storage in the kitchen, you need to consider what you’ll be storing. This could include linens, food items, crockery, small appliances and utensils, or you might even want to shelve a recipe book collection. Here are a few factors to consider to determine how much cupboard space you’ll need in your kitchen so that it remains comfortable and tidy.

Consider Your Family

When allocating space for kitchen storage, you need to consider your family size. Logically, a family of five will need more pantry space for food items and more cupboard space for crockery. A young couple without children can get away with less space, and still be comfortable.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Each person’s lifestyle and schedule are different. If you and your partner don’t have time to cook and dine out often, you don’t need as much cupboard space. Similarly, if you enjoy entertaining, or experimenting with cooking, you’ll need the cupboards to accommodate extra crockery, wine glasses, or food items.

Consider Your Organisation Skills

Your kitchen might be miles too big for you, and yet you could still struggle to find space for everything you own. There’s nothing wrong with having poor organisational skills because that can be learned and amended. Buy baskets, dividers and storage containers to store like items together. If your kitchen drawers are full to bursting, donate the things that you don’t use, and store cutlery and cooking utensils upright in decorative jars on the counters. There are dozens of storage hacks available, and you just need to be open to experimentation to find the best organisation system for you.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can customise the space to make it work for you, keeping your lifestyle and family size in mind. Make sure that it’s a place where you’re comfortable, and you’ll enjoy the time you’ll spend in it. Cupboard Value can assist you in designing and fitting custom cupboards for any KZN kitchen, so contact us today create the perfect storage for your needs.

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