When you want to modernise your kitchen, giving your cupboards a makeover is the easiest way to transform the space without undertaking major renovation work. Most Pretoria homes’ built-in cupboards are outdated but can be replaced quickly and easily for less than it costs to replace your tiles or other flooring. That makes a cupboard revamp the ideal choice to update the heart of your home. For the greatest impact, we recommend moving away from your usual colour choices and experimenting a little. There are wonderful options available for every décor style you can imagine.


Size matters

When you have a small kitchen, choosing dark colours for your cupboards can make the space feel dark and even smaller. If you have a large kitchen, however, you can pain your cupboards a dark colour, provided that the colour contrasts with the rest of your kitchen.  For example, a kitchen with dim lighting and dark walls will not look as good with dark cabinets as one with bright lighting and pale walls.

If you have a smaller kitchen and are concerned about overwhelming the space with a bold colour choice, remember that you can always select a neutral colour and accessorise with appliances, a backsplash and even handles in a bright or bold colour that would otherwise be a little too much.

An idea we always offer clients who are on the fence about a cupboard colour is to try it on their lower cabinets or kitchen island cabinets before making a commitment.


The new neutrals

If you’d like a contemporary kitchen but are tired of the usual white cupboard styles, there are plenty of other neutral colours to pick from. Shades of taupe and grey are equally popular choices and work well with most other colours.

If you’d like to introduce a bold colour in a softer way, you can select a neutral and bold shade from the same colour family because they’ll always look great together. This will help tie the two together and make the contrast less extreme.

It’s worth remembering that light-coloured cupboards showing dirt and wear and tear more obviously than darker ones.

With so many options to choose from, the only step left is to contact Cupboard Value. We’re experienced in designing and installing any type and colour of built-in cupboards Pretoria homeowners could want.

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