Have you ever walked into one of the top kitchen showrooms in Durban? How did it make you feel? If it made you wish that your own kitchen looked the same, then that’s the effect they were going for. You probably want to create a kitchen environment that you’d be happy to spend some time in. We know that the idea of putting together a stylish kitchen can be daunting, so we’ve decided to share some pro tips on the most important things you can do to make yours stand out.

Tip #1: Make A Designated Path For Traffic Moving Through The Kitchen

You want to ensure that your kitchen has a natural flow to it and that your family and visitors can move freely throughout. Set up the space in a way that makes the flow of foot traffic clear, without any obstructions.

Tip #2: Put Your Best Foot Forward Where Cabinet Designs Are Concerned

Install a set of good quality cupboards with luxurious finishes to give your kitchen a refined look. Don’t go half steam – shop around for materials and designs that can bring the best out of your space. Pay attention to the smallest details, as these can make or break the look and feel.

Tip #3: Get Electronics That Match The Fitted Features In The Kitchen

Add matching sets of appliances, crockery and other items to stage the perfect kitchen space for every day. This creates a functional aesthetic that will last for years to come and can also be used.

Tip #4: Go For Countertops That Complement The Colour & Material Of The Cupboards

Match your cupboards, floors and countertops to create a complete look. Details are everything, so avoid colours and prints that would throw the visuals off or clash with them.

Tip #5: Hang Up Some Inviting Artwork To Add A Touch Of Style

A modern painting is one of those finishing touches you simply can’t skip over. It brings some character into the space, which makes it inviting.

Still not sure that you can pull it off? Pop into Cupboard Value’s Durban kitchen showrooms to take a look at how we’ve done it. Otherwise, you can contact us for a free quote today.

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