Ideas for Renovating Your Kitchen in Ballito

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June 7, 2022
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Did you know that the kitchen is the room in the home that is most commonly renovated? This is because your kitchen is often the most heavily used room and it has to deal with heat, steam, dirt, foot traffic, and more. On top of this, kitchen design trends move very quickly, and many people want to renovate their kitchen for aesthetic purposes.

So, whether you just want to tweak a few things in your kitchen, or you’re looking to do a complete renovation, here are a few ideas for renovating your kitchen in Ballito.

Open Shelving

While you should certainly have enough cupboard space to store kitchen items away and out of sight, it is also nice to have certain items on display. Open shelving allows you to put your engagement glasses, vintage teapots, and other special kitchen items on show. Open shelving can really help make your kitchen feel more personalised.

Including Warm Neutrals

For the longest time, crisp cool neutrals were all the rage when it came to modern kitchens in Ballito. But now that trend is slowly changing. On the back end of the pandemic, people want their homes to feel warmer and cosier, and including warm neutrals in your kitchen is a good way to go about this. Warm neutrals include colors such as beige, tan, and many more.

The Maximalism Trend

Maximalism does not mean clutter. It simply means that not every surface and wall needs to be bland. There has been a huge rise in maximalism in kitchens, which celebrates uniqueness, personality, art, bits and bobs, and a wide variety of textures. This trend really allows you to create a space that is interesting to look at.

Feature Splashback

If you don’t want to renovate your entire kitchen, a fun way to breathe new life into the space would be to invest in a new splashback. There are so many different materials to choose from, including tiles and glass. You can incorporate a trending color and brighten up your space without spending much money.

Looking to renovate your kitchen? The experts at Cupboard Value have helped transform dozens of kitchens in Ballito through our kitchen design and kitchen cupboard installation services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cupboard Value team today to learn more about our services!