Where Are Future Lifestyle Habits And How Are They Changing Future Kitchen Cupboards in KZN?

Macro trends, millennials and planet health are driving significant changes now and, therefore, in the future. While forecasting is not an exact science, it is still fun to listen to the innovative ideas that are being proposed. Of course, we are interested in ideas that relate to kitchen cupboards in KZN.

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Kitchen Cupboards Future View #1: Mom, Business Woman And Farmer

“What?”, we hear you say. There is a slow, steady growing (no pun intended) movement towards home farming. The concept is not about having a Farmer Brown in your back yard; it’s much more subtle than that. A Grow Room is the ultimate goal apparently, which is, conceptually, a space with tiers/shelves on which you grow all your greens and herbs (with correct lighting, nutrients etc). It is proven that if you have them in your kitchen, there is a much higher likelihood that you will eat them.

It has started in a microform with companies like Grove, SproutsIO, Aerogarden and Replantable developing countertop home pods for growing greens.

At Cupboard Value our brilliant designers will keep an eye on this concept and look forward to designing it for future, high-quality kitchens made and installed for you. Because all the components of your kitchen are manufactured in our production plant, there are no pre-sized and expensive imports, meaning your kitchen can be highly customised.

Kitchen Cupboards Future View #2: You, Me And The Neighbour Too

“Again, what?” we hear you say. Yes, this is an interesting one. It is about shared living. Not the horror, student commune living that leaps to your mind, no doubt. This is a millennial and Gen X movement. While the world gets fuller and loneliness ironically increases, society is going to gravitate towards partially shared living. There will be strictly private areas like bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges but there will be shared lounges, gardens, dining areas and kitchens.

This means that kitchens will be larger, with more flow space, more durable materials and more storage space.
For this kitchen, Cupboard Value’s designers would specify extra-durable tops and finishes and propose heavier duty runners and hinges as multiple users will mean a higher risk of overloading units. These specification changes would create a hardy, durable and long-lasting kitchen. Cupboard Value kitchens always look good for a very long time, and new trends are not going to change that.

Kitchen Cupboards Future View #3: Less Fridge, More Larder

In this final future concept, we hear of fridges being used less for cooling items like vegetables, butter, cordials, bread, sauces etc.  Enter the idea of the cooling room. The room is designed to maintain 14deg Celsius easily. The contents are then stored in an open shelving system to allow airflow around them.

Cupboard Value can then install the shelving of your choice with hanging facilities and, of course, don’t forget the wine bottle storage.  This temperature will be perfect for storing your red wines!

So with that peak into the future, how would your kitchen cupboards in KZN fit the new concepts? Well, the important thing to remember is that it is all your choice off design regardless of trends.  Call the designers at Cupboard Value today so they can give you valuable information on durability, functionality and budget. They will guide you towards a design that will meet all your needs and delight you with the smooth installation.

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