At Cupboard Value, we’re excited to welcome the approaching new year, brimming with the promise of fresh kitchen cupboard trends that will leave a lasting impression. In this blog, we’ll dive into the most anticipated kitchen design trends for 2018. Join us as we explore what your dream kitchen could look like!

1. Embrace Simplicity

In a world saturated with intricate designs and patterns, 2018 ushers in a return to simplicity. We’ve witnessed a shift towards open kitchen spaces adorned with light, uncluttered cupboards, and countertops that maximise the beauty of natural light.

2. The Return of Black

A distinctive trend of 2018 is the resurgence of black wood cupboards and shelves. This bold choice can be balanced with brass accents and lighter countertops, ensuring your kitchen stands out in style. Keep an eye on this trend in the upcoming year!

3. Radiant Rose Gold

For those who crave simplicity with a touch of elegance, keep your gaze on rose gold. This exquisite material not only complements lighter kitchen cupboards but also ages gracefully, lending your kitchen an enduring sense of sophistication.

4. Add Some Gloss

If you’re aiming for a bolder kitchen ambiance, consider incorporating patterned cupboards finished with glossy paint that elevates the overall room atmosphere. This design not only infuses your kitchen with vibrancy but also allows for easy adaptation through the addition of eye-catching elements like metallic fixtures.

It’s evident that 2018 will bring a stunning array of kitchen design trends. If you’re intrigued by any of these designs and wish to transform your kitchen dreams into reality, why not reach out to us today? Our dedicated team is eager to help turn your perfect kitchen into a tangible masterpiece!

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