Revitalising the style of your kitchen need not make you break out in a sweat. Our great team of designers have put together some inspirational pointers for you.

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Durban Beach Style Inspiration #1: Laid Back Wood

One of the many, nice aspects of a beach style is that it allows for the mixing of natural materials. No matter what you currently have in the kitchen, if you bring in some stressed or unfinished wood to a few small areas, like floating shelves or cladding the façade of the kitchen island, you immediately bring a more relaxed feel and hints of a holiday.

Cupboard Value’s team can help you with appropriate timber selections, sizing and installation. It will be a breeze.


Durban Beach Style Inspiration #2: Oceans Blue

Yes, it’s still a key element. Blue for coastal feel, blue for beach cottages, it just screams sea sand, blue waves, blue sky, the list goes on.  The whole kitchen does not need to be blue. It can be just the island or only the lower cupboards or only the full-length cupboards.  It can also be a very pale blue, glass splashback and the rest is represented via blue accessories.

Bring in the blue and start to hear the sound of the waves. The designers at Cupboard Value can show you the changes in 3D coloured drawings so that you can envision the outcome.

Durban Beach Style Inspiration #3: Accessories Equals Fun

You can make a stronger personality statement with accessories as they can swop out or update without a major investment.  So don’t be shy about being quirky or eclectic in your choices.  Some wooden oars as rods from which to hang things or as the long handle on your tall pull out pantry? A seascape painting in a very contemporary frame? Some old sails repurposed into herb pot covers?  They should bring a smile, a memory and the scent of summer.

Getting the balance of elements right in your beach kitchen in Durban needs a professional eye so let our enthusiastic, kitchen-loving team help you collate your design ideas into a final solution through advice, sketches and 3D drawings right up to an enjoyable installation.

Call the designers at Cupboard Value today on Tel: 031 312 1464 so they can start your summer journey with you. You will then have a gorgeous new kitchen brightening your days, awaiting the summer parties to start.

kitchens durban


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