Everybody dreams about having a beautifully outfitted kitchen that looks like something out of a magazine or TV show. Making this a reality is a bit trickier. Without a designer at your beck and call it’s difficult and expensive to put a designer kitchen together. Sure you can paint your walls yourself, but what about installing new kitchen cabinets? The good news is that you don’t need a designer to create custom ones that you’ll love. Cupboard Value in Pretoria can make you bespoke cabinetry for any style of kitchen design, which you can build and install yourself.

Built To Last

Kitchen cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen. As the kitchen is the most-used room in your home, the kitchen cabinets will get much use. They’re opened, searched and closed – restocked to bursting regularly and emptied relatively quickly. Your cabinets are made by hand, not in an assembly line in a factory. You can rest assured they’re built to last.

Local Sourcing

If you order kitchen cabinets online, there’s a waiting period. You can wait weeks for shipping from abroad, only to be sent the wrong order, or something poorly made. When sourcing your cabinets locally, you don’t have to wait as long for shipment. For the environmentally conscious, you can choose a wood that’s sustainable, without impacting the environment.

Personal Selection

Stock cabinets have many different types of wood or colours, and various combinations to choose from. However, there’s no guarantee that your selection will be in stock. Getting your cabinets custom made guarantees that what you receive the design, colour, wood and size that you asked for.

Built To Fit

When ordering ready-made cabinets online or buying them ready-made from a retail store, there’s no guarantee that the product will fit perfectly. If your cupboards are too big or too small, nothing will match or look food. Our custom made cabinets are measured meticulously. It means that when you receive them to install yourself, they’ll fit perfectly.

You might not be a designer, but you can still get custom made kitchen cabinets that you’ll love. Cupboard Value will source your chosen material, cut it to specification, and send it to you so that you can assemble and install it yourself. These kitchen cabinets will be the exact design that you want, at a fraction of the cost. Contact Cupboard Value or give us a call today.

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