Thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover? If so, you’re joining a growing list of residents in Pretoria seeking kitchen renovations to modernise and update this essential living space. If you’re considering taking the plunge, here are a few popular trends we’ve seen worth incorporating into your dream kitchen.

Hidden trash compartments

The storage of trash is unsightly but essential in kitchens. Just because you need to have a place to store your trash, doesn’t mean it has to be visible. Many homes are incorporating a dedicated under-sink or bottom cupboard space that the storage can be pulled out and pushed in again. Not only does this keep trash out of sight, but also prevents it from attracting pests and developing a foul smell.

Tray storage cabinets

Most households have several cooking and baking trays, and conventional cupboard and cabinet space don’t always allow them to be easily accessible. Often trays end up being stored at the bottom of the cupboard, with tons of heavy pots and pans stacked on them. Not only does this make accessing them difficult, but it also means that they’re more likely to get damaged. Tray storage cabinets solve this problem by storing trays vertically so they take up less space at the same time.

Corner storage

Kitchen corners have long been overlooked as a source of valuable storage space. Modern homeowners who don’t have kitchens with conventional dimensions (or who are in need of extra storage space) will find this useful. If you’re worried about reaching into such an awkward space, you can integrate tiered carousels that revolve, so everything you need is just a spin away.

Countertop garages

Many popular appliances are used every day, but you don’t necessarily want them to remain on your countertop. This can include appliances that have an attachment and a base, such as a drip coffee maker or blender. Creating an ‘invisible’ countertop storage space that lies flush with the wall means you can stow these appliances away and keep your countertop clutter-free at all times.

Each new exciting trend involves creative thinking as well as classic elements no kitchen can do without – like quality cabinetry that’s been installed by an expert. Feel free to combine the two to create a kitchen that meets your individual needs.

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