Our tastes change over the course of our lives, and so do our tastes and what we use our living spaces for. Transforming your living space allows you to refresh your personal environment without moving and starting from scratch. And who wants to move? Durban is your hometown, and you love it here, so make the most of your personal space with built-in cupboards.


Why now?

Every life stage requires different things from a home and changing your décor is a great way to mark a new chapter in your life.

You don’t have to redecorate your entire house and its contents to enjoy a new look. A few, simple and affordable modifications are just as effective.


What is your taste?

Built-in cupboards can be tailor-made according to the space you have available and customised with a variety of different finishes and textures to suit your tastes.


Do you want to go minimalist or bold?

Are you looking for more earthy tones or do you want to jump in on the latest colour pops that are trending this year?


What is your season?

Interior decorators often categorise their client’s choice this way. Most people have a slight design preference that can be described according to the seasons:

Maybe you’re somewhere between the two and would probably be described as a Spring person who loves pastels and springtime colours or an Autumn person who favours reds and warm tones. A great way to showcase your palette of preference is with a built-in cupboard, which bring a slick and finished quality to your style.


Make room for it all

Bedrooms, bathrooms and studies can all be transformed with a custom-created built-in cupboards.

For inspiration, browse this gallery of styles and finishes we have created for our Durban customers and get in touch if we can do something unique for you too.

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