Whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, built-in cupboards are a great addition to any Pretoria home. They provide storage space, which makes keeps the house neat and organised. Cupboards can also serve as part of the home’s aesthetic, giving your space a bit of character and pizzazz. However, it’s easy to get complacent and install any old style.

What if we told you that you could give your home a facelift with a few simple tweaks to either the old or new built-ins that you’ve had installed? Exciting stuff, right? Here are six ideas for you to consider.

Creative Cupboard Tip #1: Upcycle Parts Of Older, Sentimental Storage Units

With climate change creeping up on the planet, an environmentally-friendly idea is always welcome. You can always have the doors and handles from aged furniture reworked to fit the design of your new built-in unit.

Creative Cupboard Tip #2: Mirror, Mirror On The Built-In Cupboard

Have a little fun by installing mirror doors on the cupboards in your bedroom. Not only does this open up the space and make it feel bigger – it also turns the entire room into a giant dressing room. You can scrutinise you #OOTD (outfit of the day) in a hassle-free environment.

Creative Cupboard Tip #3: An Audacious Pop OfColour

So, you’re looking for a statement piece that screams personality. Paint your built-in cupboards a bright shade of yellow, pink, orange or blue. This playful take on storage turns the functional features of the room into the part of the decor.

Creative Cupboard Tip #4: Replicate Classic Art On The Doors

In keeping with making statements, you can opt to have a replica of a classic art piece painted onto the doors of your cupboards. If old art isn’t your thing, you could commission something brand new to suit your taste.

Creative Cupboard Tip #5: Make The Most Of Corner Space

Build a cupboard into the corner so that you can store more items. The shape will be peculiar, but it will look unique, artistic even. This way, there’s no wasting space unnecessarily.

Creative Cupboard Tip #6: Bring A Sense Of Nature Into The Home

Explore different types of wooden cupboards and decorate the room with earthy tones to boot. If you love nature, you’ll feel relaxed in this type of space.

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