Before any cupboard installation, deciding on the finish, quality and style are important considerations to make. Gathering quotations from cupboard manufacturers may have you feeling overwhelmed with the kitchen design choices ahead of you. But whether you are fitting your newly constructed home or simply remodelling your kitchen area, your cupboards are an investment piece that will enhance the look of your home. And it’s important to explore all your options for a complete look that is both functional and contemporary – which can include going handle-less.

Here are some great reasons why you should consider installing handle-less cupboards in your home for a great kitchen design.

Reduced Accidents

Handles are not always safe for toddlers and children in a busy home and will need to be baby-proofed to ensure there are no accidents. Kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cupboards should always be safe to manoeuvre around. Having handles increase the chance of having serious accidents and inflicting pain or damage. Pets are also protected from bumping their heads as they pass by cupboards or drawers and aren’t at risk of hurting their eyes.

Easier Functionality

While handles on drawers require a little exertion to push and pull, handle-less ones can be built for less force with push-to-open capabilities. Handle-less cupboards and drawers are also usually installed with soft close hinges and fittings, so there are no accidental loud noises when closing them. Another benefit of installing handle-less cupboards is avoiding the hassle of replacing or repairing handles which tend to fall out or get damaged quickly because of frequent use.

Updated Space

Sleek looking cupboards without handles poking out, create a minimalistic space. This can quickly improve the look of an outdated area. This is a design trend that will not age and always look rather modern. A significant advantage of choosing handle-less cupboards or drawers is that they will instantly freshen up the room and make it look much cleaner. Besides, being able to match handle-less designed cupboards with any bold colours or patterns, this design will always look complementary.

Consider asking cupboard manufacturers to see if they specialise in this type of design. At Cupboard Value, we have six branches across KZN and Gauteng and can meet your kitchen design requirements. For more information, product and service enquiry – contact us today.

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