Kitchen unit design changes as time goes on. Just like we had certain styles of clothing in days gone by, so did we have popular styles of kitchens. Simple lines and surfaces are very trendy right now, as are black linear spaces. Gone are the farmhouse style kitchens with lots of frills and little bits. These days modern kitchen units are sleek, linear and minimalistic.

No Handles

Most modern kitchen units these days come with a handless design. Of course, if you like the look of handles, you can always opt for those. Handle-less designs, however, give a kitchen a finished look that cannot be compared. The soft-touch open of a handle-less cupboard is very satisfying, as an automatic drawer when it whooshes shut. If handles are your thing, then long straight ones with muted tones are the way to go. Pair them with sleek monochrome cabinets.

Blacks And Whites

Modern kitchen unit designs are very monochrome. Simple black glossy cabinets paired with white splashbacks and white floors make for a beautiful contrast. No more open shelving or spaces to catch dust, modern kitchen designs opt to put everything neatly away, leaving as little clutter as possible. Flat black or white doors show only the slightest gap where they join, creating a seamless bank across your kitchen walls.

Wood Is Still In

Although most modern design calls for a glass finished kitchen unit, you can still find warmer wood finishes if you want to. Still staying with the minimalistic scene, wood finished kitchen unit design is usually done in plain cerused oak or similar. Again plain colours are most popular, leaving the heavy wooden feeling of a 70’s farmhouse kitchen behind.

Modern Fittings

As with the modern kitchen unit designs, modern fittings are also clean and simple. Lots of naked metal such as muted steel is excellent for lights. Splashbacks and wall coverings are either plain tiles or a delicately detailed marble. Stay away from old school marbles such as pink or green. Taps and other fittings are also silver and sleek. Pare your new modern kitchen with a standalone gas cooker and matching silver hood.

There you have it. Some food for thought about how to make sure your new modern kitchen unit design is on point and on-trend. For more advice, get in touch with Cupboard Value today.

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