The traditional idea of cupboards as space-consuming storage units (oh, the irony!) has become dated. Using space sparingly can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small home. But even a large home risks looking cluttered if the storage space is not used effectively.

Whether built-in or mobile, cupboards should be optimised to save you space. The experts at Cupboard Value have put together a few space-saving, built-in cupboard ideas to help you a make the most of the space you have. Try these great ideas out for size!


Shelves around the edges of your doorways

The space around doors is rarely used for anything. Incorporating modern built-ins is a way to save space and make the room more visually appealing. You could use the fixture as a bookshelf or decorative unit (which means you can get rid of the burly “room divider” unit). The newly spacious room will instantly have a more exciting look. Consult a professional to make sure you don’t damage your home’s wiring when you install this simple, lasting solution to storage woes.


Retractable wall shelves

The introduction of wall beds in years gone by revolutionised the art of creating space in small rooms. A subtle, retractable wall cupboard along a passage could provide a place to keep spare towels and bedding. You could even get creative by painting art on the units to act as a permanent decor focus.


Under the bed

A built-in bed with cupboard units underneath it is a significant space-saver. Shoes, extra bedding and off-season clothes can be rotated between this space and your built-in wardrobes to declutter your bedroom.


Sliding doors

In smaller rooms, merely opening a cupboard door can make the space feel congested. Solve this problem by fitting your cupboards with sliding doors. It’s a functional, neat solution to the stress of having doors left ajar and taking up valuable space.


Making use of staircase cavities

The “Bogeyman’s lair” under your staircase has the potential to offer a lot of storage space. Having cupboards built into this cavity allows you to neatly store essentials while getting rid of any spooky ideas in the process.

Cupboard Value is South Africa’s trusted home design expert. Our emphasis on workmanship and attention to detail ensure that we produce the best storage units at an affordable price. Call or visit a branch near you today!


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