The time has finally come for a Kitchen Installation. After months of researching and planning, you’re ready to swap your old, outdated and damaged kitchen cabinets for new and improved ones. Before you arrange for them to be installed, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. As KZN installation experts, we know that the right preparation means less mess and fuss so that you can start enjoying your brand new cabinets as soon as possible. Here are a few tips for doing that.

Don’t Clean

Many people start cleaning their kitchens in preparation for having a team over to install their cabinets or doing it themselves. This is a bad idea as even if you work neatly, a small amount of sawdust and dirt could be generated. Rather leave the tidying until afterwards. Lay out old newspapers around the affected areas so that clean-up is easier. Also, make sure the paths moving to and away from the workspace in your house are clear so your installers can easily and safely walk around.

Remove Delicate Items

You’ll need to clear the area out where your cabinets are going to be installed. Also, make sure the surrounding areas are free from fragile and potentially breakable objects. Things like delicate china, vases or appliances should be as far away from your worksite as possible. Wall hangings also should be removed as the installation vibrations can sometimes rattle them off their hangings.

Inspect Your Walls

When installing your cabinets, the area they’ll be in will be covered up for the foreseeable future. Take this time to examine it. You might not need to paint it but make sure the area is clean and even as well as free from dust. If there are any holes here from previous installation attempts, you’ll need to caulk or fill them with putty or another suitable substance. If your cabinets don’t have backs, you’ll need to prime and paint them to match to rest of your kitchen. This is best done before you place your cabinets.

Preparing for installation is quick and simple – and if you’re working with professional KZN kitchen installation service providers, the job will go quicker and easier. If you’re looking for more advice on installing new kitchen cabinets visit our kitchen showrooms in durban or contact Cupboard Value today.

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