Accountability is one of those words that people tend to throw around, but does anyone really know what it means? Well, many of us have a vague idea, but can’t quite pinpoint a specific definition. Being accountable means, you’re answerable to someone or an organisation for your actions. Most industries have associations that businesses can join and account to. The kitchen industry is no exception. (That’s right, we don’t just whip up kitchen showrooms without working towards a standard). As members of the Kitchen Specialists Association of South Africa (KSA), we follow a code. This blog tells you all about it.

In a Nutshell: Defining the Role of the KSA

The KSA was founded a little over three decades ago, with the purpose of providing two key things for the industry:

The main idea is that the KSA is an authority on all things related to the industry. Any changes go through the body, which consults stakeholders and ensures that they are informed of updates. It’s not compulsory to join, but it can benefit a company’s reputation to be affiliated with the Association. On the other hand, the KSA also works to prioritise the rights of customers through policymaking and dispute mediation.

The Benefits of This Type of Association for the Kitchen Industry

All stakeholders stand to benefit from the existence of this organisation, especially you – the customer. Some of the perks include:

  1. Access to the most advanced products due to continuous development through conferences and other educational engagements;
  2. High-quality products that comply with industry standards;
  3. Assistance with getting recourse for mistakes and malpractice; and
  4. The relief of knowing that the business you’re supporting abides by a solid ethical code.

Take a Walk Through Our Kitchen Showrooms that Meet KSA Standards

Buying your kitchen fixtures from a business that’s a KSA member can protect your investments. You have the reassurance that the materials are of high quality, the workmanship is impeccable, and you’ll get top standard service too. At Cupboard Value, we follow KSA guidelines when staging our showrooms in Durban. Pop in to see what we have to offer.


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