When you decide that you need a change in your home or want to update your existing storage space, there are some points to take into consideration before you take the next step. In this blog, we’ve outlined what you need to remember before you start calling potential cupboard manufacturers in Pretoria so that when you’re ready to begin, the process goes as quickly and efficiently as possible – without hidden costs or delays.

Whether you’re choosing to do this yourself or use a company, the first thing you need to finalise is your budget. Materials, installation, and size all affect the price, so you need to be sure about how much you can spend.

It’s important to know the size of the space you’re working with. Making millimetre perfect measurements is 100% necessary before any manufacturing or installation can take place.

Are you looking to install a stock cupboard? Semi-custom or completely custom? Stock cupboards are cheaper, with a shorter delivery time, but they aren’t very versatile. Custom and semi-custom cupboards can be made to your specifications, but they’re more expensive and will take longer to finalise.

Stock cupboards are limited, but options with semi-custom and custom cupboards are almost endless. With a wide variety of materials, hinges, handles, etc, your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re wanting to sell your house, using cheaper materials is a better option. Remember though; the cupboards must still look great as they’ll influence how potential buyers view your property. If this is your home for good, higher quality materials is a better option. Better materials will extend their lifespan and create an aesthetic appeal that you won’t tire of.

Cupboards, especially in kitchens and bedrooms, do take up a large portion of the wall. This means that they’ll impact the look of your home. Consider how the cupboards will fit into the rest of the house. Do you want them to match, or be unique to the rest of your home’s style?

If the idea of doing this all yourself is unappealing, remember that professionals exist who have years of experience and can do it for you.

These points are all important to remember when approaching a cupboard manufacturer in Pretoria or if you choose to change your cupboards yourself. With the right preparation, the process doesn’t have to be scary, and taking your time and using the resources available to you will make the process rewarding.



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