Why You Should Choose Cupboard Value For Kitchen Renovations In Pretoria

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June 6, 2019
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July 5, 2019

If you’ve just moved into a new house or building one from scratch, you’ll naturally want to pay attention to your kitchen. It’s an area of the home that experiences wear and tears quicker due to frequent use, and it also tends to look outdated quicker than other areas. You want it to end up being as functional as it is attractive, which is why you need to consult with a company that’s an expert in Pretoria kitchen renovations, such as Cupboard Value. So why choose us over our competitors?

  • We’re Experienced – not only do we have over 20 years of experience, but we use the best quality materials, and guide our clients from start to finish. You’ll be involved every step of the way – from design to manufacturing to installation.
  • We Custom Make Our Products – we design and manufacture our built-in cupboards, cabinets, and bathroom vanities. All of this is done out of our factory, using the best materials that money can buy. Creating all these items in our factory gives us the control to ensure every product is made perfectly.
  • Lower Prices – another benefit to making our products on site is that we can order materials in bulk, allowing us to cut prices and offer our clients savings that other companies can’t provide.
  • We’re Everywhere – we have nine branches located around Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Durban, all stocked with the different designs, materials, and colours that you can choose from. We stay in touch with each branch, ensuring they all consistently offer the same quality and expertise that we pride ourselves on.
  • No Long Waiting Periods – another benefit of us having our factory, is the fact that you won’t need to wait weeks or months for your items to be made. All our materials are sourced in South Africa, and once again, this greatly cuts the costs.

Still not convinced? Then we encourage you to read the following testimonials from our clients. Every one of them will say they had the best kitchen renovation in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or Durban.

Whether you want a new set of cupboards or have your bathroom, study or kitchen completely redone, Cupboard Value has you covered from start to finish. With years of experience, unparalleled quality, and prices that are hard to beat, Cupboard Value is your one-stop-shop for all your kitchen renovation needs.