Useful Tips

Cooking on Stone - All you need to know

If someone had told you a few years ago that you could have a gas burner coming directly out of your stone countertop or could cook directly on the stone through induction technology, you would have laughed hysterically but today it is a reality. While the technology is very new in South Africa and not all fabricators and suppliers are on board with it, it is available and for top range luxury kitchens it is becoming a sought-after trend.

What to do before your kitchen company comes to site

Consumers tend to get most frustrated when they are hit with the unexpected. The unexpected usually costs money and time and maximum inconvenience when it comes to a kitchen make-over. To try and help, we put together a hit list of things that need taken care of before your kitchen contractor comes to site to start installing your new kitchen.

Appliance Advice from the Experts

The KSA recently collaborated with SADA (The South African Domestic Appliance Association) and put together a series of training for our members with our co-members BSH, Liehberr, Miele, Smeg and Whirlpool. We asked them to give us their top tips with regards to your kitchen appliances.

Surviving a Kitchen Renovation

Any form of renovation can be stressful but a kitchen renovation is particularly so, as you are having to live without one of the most important rooms in the house for a 4–8-week period. We have, therefor put together our advice on how best to survive your renovation and stay sane through the process.

A Stress-free Kitchen Remodel
Plumbing & Electrics - What you should know

While it is an absolute necessity that you hire a professional to tend to and advise you on the plumbing and electrics of your new kitchen there are certain things you need to know so that you can ensure the job is being done properly and that the person responsible for designing the changes to your kitchen space or indeed the kitchen itself do not fall foul of the law leaving you in a predicament when it comes to selling the house.

Kitchen Plumbing Advice from the Experts

A kitchen revamp is the ideal time to update your plumbing. Having your water points in the correct place and being able to accommodate the new gadgets that are now available, is vital to ensure your renovation truly adds to the value of your home. We asked CP&B (Cape Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies) what plumbing advice they would give consumers who are planning a kitchen revamp.

Understanding Your Kitchen Quote

When it comes to planning a new kitchen your quote is one of the most important documents you will receive. Reading it, understanding it and comparing one quote against another is not as easy as you may think. Many companies try and pull the wool over your eyes by giving you a short concise document with a few line items and buzz words but very few specifics. While this kind of quote may be easy to read and less stressful to work through it leaves you, as a consumer, very exposed.

The Hidden Costs of a Kitchen Revamp

We all want to stay on budget when we embark on a build project. It is not as simple as it sounds. Hidden costs have a way of creeping in and throwing things off track. Read about some typical pitfalls that throw most kitchen revamps out of budget.